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Resort Wear For Women On Vacation

Finding resort wear for women can be a challenge, especially while planning a relaxing vacation. 

You’re constantly trying to figure out if you’d rather stay cool or glamorous— fortunately for you, fashionable, comfort resort wear for women does exist. After all, taking a vacation doesn’t mean taking a break from looking fabulous and self-expression. Because summer should be one of the most fashion-forward seasons according to major outlets such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue, so should your vacation.  

Nonetheless, With July approaching, we’ve noticed there’s a new spin to your typical sundresses and off the shoulder tops. While style icons like Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid are opting to wear these traditional forms of resort wear, they’re also wearing their resort wear in creative new ways that include bright colors and patterns. 

Luckily, we’re on the same route too with our bright colors and we’re more than happy to be apart of this season’s trendsetting.  For inspiration on staying fabulous and cool (literally) in the heat continue to read. 

The Haute Dress That’s Not Too Hot

How bright and bold is this look?! Whether you’re going for a walk on the beach or night on the town this dress is your go-to for formal and romantic events. It’s versatile, you can wear it with sneakers or sandals like pictured above.
The style has also been worn by Laura Harrier, trendsetter and Louis Vuitton’s new “It Girl”  in editorial shoots. In addition to the aesthetics of the dress, the fabric is lightweight and ensures that’ll you’ll be haute and not hot literally. Wearing this dress is saying yes to elegance and staying cool. 

For The Casual Sight-Seer   

This striped dress isn’t quite a maxi dress, but also not a business casual button down. It’s for a picnic at Coney Island, or a peaceful stroll down Hyde Park and goes perfect with your favorite sneakers.
In terms of wearing this outfit outside of a casual event, opt for maximizing on your accessories, incorporating the ensemble with earrings and rings similar to the picture above, even adding a fancy metallic choker for more posh. 

For The Touristy-Wine Taster

This isn’t just a lightweight blouse, it’s versatile and can be worn with denim shorts (as pictured), skinny jeans, culottes and even a pencil skirt. Simply switching those fringed denim shorts with any of the others will change the feel of the outfit completely. 
However, with the shorts, the style of the outfit gives off a wine tasting in Chile aesthetic. One where the “tourist” appears as a local townsperson immersed in their vacation spot. This look would be paired great with either heels or sneakers.

For A Casual Daytime Look

Who said plaid skirts were only for school?! As If! It’s chic and It’s especially chic for brunch and bottomless mimosas with your closest friends in The Hamptons. The skirt is highwaisted, and will bring the best out of your curves. Depending on the type of shoes you wear, will change the look. Because the skirt is a statement piece, you’ll want to wear minimal jewelry to ensure that the overall look won’t be a lot to take in visually.

For The Daytime Socialite

This selection was made for the socialite. She’s more than just a girl about the town. She’s at the U.S Open, she’ll frequent brunches with the movers and shakers of society. In fact, she is a mover and a shaker herself--- the fringes and tweed tell it all. For a  casual  look, add a pair of chuck taylors or vans to your outfit and transform into a frequent concert buff. Trust us, Hailey (Hailey Baldwin) would so totally wear this. 

For The Free Spirit

This is for the girl that loves to travel, keeps an open mind and frequently breaks the rules. Can’t you tell? The outfit is a beautiful ensemble for observing wildlife on a Safari Bus Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

It’s also your go-to when travelling all over the country to attend your favorite music festival (Coachella, Lollapooza, Bonnaroo). Earrings are a perfect accessory for this outfit as the skirt is such a statement piece and earrings will only add more to the drama. 

For The Beach Babe

This is the outfit you’ll want to wear when the heat is unbearable and your main priority is to stay cool, hence the light button down and daisy dukes. Minimal jewelry and matching sandals go perfectly with this look as the main focus is not to overbake. It’s simply for a perfect day at the beach, whether the Cayman Islands or French Polynesia. 

For accessories: 

When finding the right accessories such as purses, jewelry etc pay attention to what you want people to pay attention. For instance, in our Free Spirit look, you want people to pay attention to the skirt because it is a statement piece. 

However, if you wore earrings and bracelets that weren’t minimal but rather extravagant, you would take away from the statement piece, the skirt and overpopulate the look. Which is what you (we) don’t want to happen. On the other hand, wearing extravagant jewelry alongside the Casual Sight Seer look works wonders. 

When it comes to wholesale tops, it's within our best interest that we stay ahead of the fashion curve and not only pay attention to trendsetters and style icons both; in the media and social media, but also that we set trends as well.  

Resort wear for women on vacation doesn't always have to be basic, it can be a woman's chance at actually living like a travel blogger, being fashionable while taking pictures, curating their own environments. This is not to say that a travel blogger is everyone’s dream, but allows that in a world where wholeness is thought of as something that doesn’t exist, women can both look good and feel good without having to sacrifice either or without being superficial for doing so.  

As we are now at the middle point of this year and approaching midsummer, we have to ensure that we are making our best efforts to style ourselves accordingly. We wouldn’t want the warmth and refreshing breeze of vacation to be whisked away until the bustling of the fall and the brisk chill of the winter. Live it up now! And plan your looks now. You perform better when you feel better and you feel better and you feel confident about what you look like. 


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